Cancelled airline tickets due to COVID-19

Many airlines cancelled their flights because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the virus outbreak and its consequences represent extraordinary circumstances that are beyond the control of the air carriers (i.e. restrictive measures imposed by public authorities), compensation for the cancellation of such flights could not be claimed. However, the applicable European legislation entitles passengers with the right of: i) reimbursement of the price; or ii) rescheduling for new dates.

If the first flight of a roundtrip ticket is cancelled, the passenger may request a refund of the ticket’s total cost.

Our clients informed us that airlines offered them vouchers with the value of the cancelled flight as the only option to reach a settlement regarding the cancelled flights. Such approach is acceptable only if the passenger agrees with it.

If you are offered such voucher, you may refuse it and request full refund of your ticket’s price to your bank account. If the airline refuses to process it voluntarily, legal action may be taken against the latter.

We are available to answer your questions and assist you in protecting your rights and interests in case air carriers unreasonably refuse to refund you in the due manner.

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