Dian Nedelchev won the National Competition in Civil and Commercial Law “Christian Takov”

Dian Nedelchev, Paralegal with Vassilev & Partners Law Firm won in a team with his fellow students from the Faculty of Law of Sofia University the prestigious National Competition in Civil and Commercial Law “Christian Takov”. The organizers of the competition aim to develop and deepen the practical skills of the law students, including writing and public speaking skills, which are an integral part of the legal profession.

The case of the competition involved many aspects of Real Estate, Contractual and Commercial Law, where teams had to consider many legal peculiarities related to the sale of real estate (incl. by foreigners), preliminary contracts and others.

We are sincerely happy that the practical knowledge and skills acquired by Dian in his work in the office since 2019, combined with his in-depth training at the Faculty of Law at the Sofia University, allowed him to present himself so convincingly at this prestigious forum.

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