Attorney-at-law Konstantin Vassilev became a member of the Cedar Foundation’s Advisory Board

The Managing Partner of Vassilev & Partners Law Firm received high recognition for the pro-bono legal support provided to the Cedar Foundation – he was invited by the Foundation’s Executive Director Alexandrina Dimitrova to join the Advisory Board of the organisation consisting of leading professionals in various fields.

It is a great honour for Vassilev & Partners Law Firm that the free legal services rendered to the Cedar Foundation for the third consecutive year have now evolved into a new opportunity to further contribute to the foundation’s significant cause. We are glad that the new position of Atty Vassilev at the Advisory Board will allow expanding the socially responsible policy that the law firm follows.

Our team expresses its gratitude to the Executive Director Alexandrina Dimitrova for placing the foundation’s trust and confidence in the firm’s abilities.

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