Changes in the local jurisdiction on insurance and consumer cases

The amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure from 07.08.2018 concern the rules for local jurisdiction in cases on insurance and consumer disputes.

According to the new provisions, the actions brought by or against consumers can be processed only by a court in the location of the current address of the consumer. If the consumer does not have a current address – by the court in the location of the permanent address.

In actions for compensation against insurers, brought by an injured person pursuant to the Insurance Code competent shall be the court in the territory of which the permanent address, the current address or the seat of the injured person were located. The action can also be brought before the court in the location where the insurance event actually occurred.

In the aforementioned cases the objection for lack of competence of the court shall be raised within the time limit, provided for response to the claim. The court can raise that matter ex-officio until the end of the first court hearing in the case at the latest.

These changes aim at ensuring easy, affordable and effective access to justice for people, who suffered damage in disputes with their insurers, the Guarantee Fund or the National Bureau of the Bulgarian Automobile Insurers.

You can read the full text of the Act n Ammendment and Supplement of the Code of Civil Procedure here.

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