New procedure for awarding state beach concessions

By adopting the Act on Supplementing the Concessions Act  the National Assembly excludes the state beach concessions from the scope of the Concessions Act, and they will be henceforth governed by the Black Sea Coast Act.

In the case of state beach concessions, the powers of a concession granting authority will be exercised by the Council of Ministers, and regarding the selection of a concessionaire only an open procedure will be applicable. The participants in the procedure will simultaneously submit an application and an offer that binds the participant, to whom the concession is granted, upon the conclusion of a concession agreement. The decision for selecting concessionaire shall be published in the State Gazette. The stages of concession award are as follows:

  • Preparatory actions – preparation of justification of the concession and draft announcement, which are published in the National Concession Register;
  • Conducting concession granting procedure;
  • Execution of a concession agreement.

Unlike the concessions regulated by the Concessions Act, no payments by the concession granting authority in favor of the concessionaire are envisaged in the case of state beach concession.

Furthermore, the passage, parking and stay of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers on the beach are prohibited.

Most of the provisions of the Act on Supplementing the Concessions Act entered into force on the date of its promulgation in the State Gazette, namely on July 30, 2019. Full version of the act can be found here.

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