Our law firm has won an important case for poor-quality construction works after 6 years of litigation

After a legal battle that lasted more than 6 years, our law firm has finally won a case against a leading construction company and construction supervision company, holding them liable for poor construction and non-exercised construction supervision under the Spatial Development Act. According to the law, the construction company and the construction supervisor are jointly and severally liable for damages caused to condominium co-owners caused by non-compliance with the technical rules, regulations and approved construction projects.

In the said lawsuit we managed to prove that poor-quality waterproofing and concrete construction works were carried out, as well as that various installations in the building were poorly established during its construction.  The latter led to systematic flooding of the underground levels in the building during rainy weather compromising its very foundations.

The litigation we started in 2016 was difficult and cost us a lot of energy and dedication, the case itself was heard in three instances and went through many procedural vicissitudes. The key to success was the persistence and perseverance exercised in defending our clients’ rights and interests. We were fully trusted, regardless of all the difficulties we had to overcame during these years.

Therefore, we are really happy that with the matter’s successful conclusion and the effective collection of the awarded compensation, we supported over 85 households to finally start repairing the faulty construction works.

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