Property Register with new electronic services

With Council of Minister’s Decree № 1 of 5 January 2021 for amendment of the Entries in the Property Register Act people and companies can now electronically request and obtain:

  1. Encumbrance Certificates regarding a person or property; and
  2. Copy of Acts subject to entry (including: notary deeds, foreclosures, mortgages, court claims and decisions, wills, etc.).

The new services are available within the Registry Agency Online Portal (RAOP). Users shall have electronic registration with the RAOP to use its functionalities. The person requesting issuance of acts electronically can be identified either by a qualified electronic signature or by a digital certificate, issued by the Registry Agency.

The functionalities of the portal allow the applicants to obtain an uncertified copy of the issued act, respectively of the Encumbrance Certificate; An original Act in electronic form – directly in their user profile in the RAOP. A certified copy of an Act subject to entry could be requested electronically, but can only be collected at the Registry Office by the location of the property. Encumbrance Certificates may also be received on hard copy at the Registry Office.

The finalized project for upgrading the Property Register aims at facilitating private users and business entities getting an easy access to these services in electronic form.

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